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Protection of your trademark and company name at Adult-Domains and Porn-Domains

Trade mark owners can apply for a non-resolving registration at Porn-Domains and Adult-Domains. This is also a solution for companies, which want to protect the misuse of their company names, which are not protected as trade marks.

Given that many companies have not a registered trademark, the best option for them is also to apply for the name which they desire.

ICM Registry was the first operator to present a protection service to validated right holders in 2011 through the xxx-Domains Sunrise B program. As the ten-year anniversary of the service approaches, ICM Registry is pleased to introduce an expanded protection service that includes Sex-Domains, Porn-Domains and Adult-Domains in addition to dotXXX.

The AdultBlock service allows brand owners to block registered trademarks, unregistered trademarks, company names and celebrity names. The AdultBlock service ensures the registered term is blocked from registration across all four adult-themed Top-Level Domains (TLDs): XXX-Domains, Sex-Domains, Porn-Domains, and Adult-Domains.

The AdultBlock+ service goes a step further, combining the protections of AdultBlock along with the functionality to block all look-alike variations that appear confusingly similar to the trademarked term.

The blocking service is available in two unique product offerings, AdultBlock and AdultBlock+. Both services have the same powerful core features of domain blocking across all four adult-themed TLDs, where the names are not currently registered. This includes premium domain names, as well as the future registration of names already registered.

AdultBlock+ goes even further by providing unlimited blocking of all additional look-alike names generated using the Unicode Consortium standard. Unlimited blocking applies to registered trademarks, unregistered trademarks, company names and celebrity names These look-alike variations are susceptible to abuse as they appear confusingly similar to the trademarked term. With an average of three labels per mark and the scope for thousands of variations per name, as a result of Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) script variants and homoglyph characters, phishers often use these look-alike domain names to confuse users.

AdultBlock+ customers no longer need to choose which labels they want to protect as all labels and variants are covered. The enhanced service provides brands with a powerful tool in combatting this threat both now and in the future.

For brands wanting to protect their marks, their business and their customer experience, AdultBlock+ provides the strongest level of protection by including all look-alike variations in one straightforward package.

AdultBlock interested partners are now able to use the following rights to secure an AdultBlock product after successful verification :

  • Registered Trademarks: Nationally or Regionally registered trademarks that are in force at the date the application is examined.
  • Unregistered Trademarks: A mark created by a business or individual to signify or distinguish a product or service. In some jurisdictions/countries, unregistered trademarks are also referred to as common law trademarks
  • Company/Organization Name: Registered Companies as well as “Trading As” or “Doing Business As” names are eligible for the AdultBlock service
  • Celebrity Name: Famous persons, sports stars and personalities, political figures, actors, social media celebrities, and public figures

    You can choose which domains you would like using our lists. Click on the link to go to the order page of the most important New Top Level domains or search at the alphabetical list of the New Top Level Domains. You can also use our search engine to browse.

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    Register for me each domain at the price of 140 US-Dollars/year:


    Register for me each domain at the price of 140 US-Dollars/year:


    Register for me AdultbBlock
    for the price of 249 US-$/year each for the following brand or company name:

    Register for me Adultblock +
    for the price of 499 US-$/year each for the following brand or company name:

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    By clicking at the button, you confirm a registration of (a) New Top Level Domain (s), which will cost at succesful registration 140 US-Dollars/domain and year, or AdultBlock for 249 US-Dollar or AdultBlock+ for 499 US-Dollar and that you have read and accepted Trade Conditions, Registrants Rights and Responsibilities, the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and the policies of the registry.

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