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Catching of deleted ar-domains

We are an ICANN accredited registrar. We guarantee a fast and reliable registration of ar-domains.

The ar-domains are the domains of Argentina. You cannot register directly at .ar, but only at official subdomains like the There are also other subdomains, but they are restricted, like for organizations like the UNESCO. We suggest to order

You must have a settlement or live in Argentina in order to register ar-domains. Therefore we have created a trustee-service. Our partner in Argentina will register the domain for you.

The price of an ar-domain is 135 US-dollar/year including the trustee service.

The most latinamerican domains have in common, that you need a local contact. We provide the local contact. The provision of the local contacts makes the price of a domain more expensive.

Owners of existing ar-domains may loose their domains. The Registry of ar-domains,, demands a complicated validation of the domain owner with confirmation of a notary. insists that the domain owners send these documents:
"1.Notary-certified and Apostilled copy of the 'Social Contract' (company creation document).
2.Notary-certified and Apostilled copy of the latest appointment its Board of Directors and other company authorities.
3.Notary-certified and Apostilled copy of company's Tax-ID certificate
4.Filled-in Foreign Registrant Accreditation Form, printed on company letterhead paper and signed by client (no notarization/apostille required)
5.Individuals that act (or that are new and would like to act) as Foreign Registrants at, must now submit a Notarized and Apostilled copy of their passport or government issued photo-ID card."

Many private persons and companies cannot make this validation or not so quick as demands it. If the contacts are not validated, the ar-domains are deleted 30 days after expiration.

We can help at this situation. You can order at us the catching of your ar-domains at the moment of deletion and the re-registration with a validated contact, which works as a trustee for you. The application fee of this service is 15 US-Dollars per application, the successful re-registration for you will cost additionally 135 US-Dollars.

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Register/Catch for me each domain at the price of 135 US-Dollars/year:


Register/Catch for me each domain at the price of 135 US-Dollars/year:

Register/Catch for me each domain at the price of 135 US-Dollars/year:

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I permit the debit entry of the sum according to SEPA. Please send the contract to me, if we have not already one.

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By clicking at the button, you confirm registration of a ar-domain, which will cost at succesful registration 135 US-Dollars/domain and year and a Application Fee of 15 US-Dollars and that you have read and accepted Trade Conditions, Registrants Rights and Responsibilities, the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and the policies of the registry.

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