IDN .asia : Free pre-registration of asia-domains with special characters

The asia-domain is a generic top-level domain proposed by the DotAsia Organization, with the back-end registry to be operated by Afilias. It was approved by ICANN on October 19, 2006 as a sponsored TLD.

ICANN Registrar Secura is acception free pre-registration of asia-domains with Chinese, Japanes and Korean characters. The pre-registration is free of charge, but the customer's order are final and successfully registered domains, which have been pre-registered at the order of the customers, must be paid.

Sunrise and Landrush ist based on a model where all applications received within their respective periods will be considered to be received at the same time, with auctions being held for domains receiving more than one successfully verified application. Domains with only one successful application will be allocated to the applicant, and no auction will be necessary.

.Asia IDN launch Timeline:
Sunrise Application Period (70 days)

  • OPEN: 2011.May.11 (Wed, 12:00UTC)
  • CLOSE:2011.Jul.20 (Wed, 24:00UTC)

    Landrush Application Period (70 days)

  • OPEN: 2011.Aug.02 (Tue, 12:00UTC)
  • CLOSE: 2011.Oct.11 (Tue, 24:00UTC)

    IDN Languages to be launched:

  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • Japanese [JA]
  • Korean [KO]

    "First-comes-first served" rules the Go Live Period. Registrars like ICANN accredited Registrar Secura with a short queue can offer an advantage to registrants of asia-domains, as the chances to get the desired asia-domains at these registrars are better.

    At least one contact of the asian-domains has to be in the region Asia/Australia/Pacific, as ICANN has defined. If you are not sure, if your country belongs to this region or if your company has a settlement in one of these countries belonging to this region, you should study the ICANN-Document . For some people it will be surprising, that according to ICANN Turkey belongs to Asia.

    If you have not a contact in Asia, we will provide you with a contact for free. This contact will be the Tech-C of your asia-domain.

    The price for a asia-domain is 100 US-Dollar/2 years.

    first name







    Postal Code



    We accept your offer to provide the Charter Eligibility Contact

    We want to provide the Charter Eligibility Contact ourself. We will send to you by fax (+49 221 9252272) or e-mail (secura@adomainregistry) a copy of the passport/citizenship ID or the certificate of incorporation with the identification numbers like passport numer, business certificate number or similiar.

    The Charter Eligibility Contact shall be:





    Please assign during Sunrise Period the Charter Eligibility Contact only to the Owner, if the Charter Eligibility Contact is also the owner of the trade mark.

    Charter Eligibility Contact:

    first name







    Postal Code



    Passport No.

    Business Certificate No.

    You can omit this paragraph, if you want only to "park" your domain.

    You have four choices for the connection of your domain:

    10 mb webspace with unlimited traffic on our server for 60 US-Dollars per year

    Choose free webspace without banner and pop-up window for me :

    Redirect the domain to my subdomain/domain :

    I stay at my provider.

    Primary Name Server: IP-Number:

    Primary Name Server: Name:

    Secondary Name Server: IP-Number:

    Secondary Name Server: Name:

    Register for me this domain at the conditions above:


    If it is a domain for sunrise period, you should give more information:

    Name of the Trade Mark/Service Trade Mark

    Date of Application

    Date of Registration

    Number of Registration

    Country of Registration

    International Trademark/WIPO

    European Trademark/OHIM

    You can order also these domains :

    from Asia

    asian domains

    domains for Italy like!


    country domains

    country domains

    Registered domains from Asian-Pacific Region/ Space for additional orders:


    You can withdraw the costs of the ordered domains from my credit card.

    Credit card organisation:

    Credit card number

    Expiration date:

    Credit card issuing bank:

    By clicking the button you agree to trade conditions, Registrants rights and responsibilites, all policies of Dotasia like e.g.the Charter Eligibility and the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy of ICANN as basis of the relationship between Secura GmbH and you.

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