ICANN-REGISTRAR: Free Pre-Registration of be-Domains with Special Characters!

The be-domains- as you know- are the domains of Belgium.

Does your own name, the name of your company, product of brand have an accent? In that case, we have great news for you. Starting 11 June you will be able to register all your .be domain names with accents. The accent in your name, the name of your company, product or brand is essential, because without it, it wouldn't sound right. Not even on the web. Therefore you will be given the opportunity starting 11 June to register your own name, the name of your company, product or brand.

There are different character sets that can be used for an IDN implementation. decided to use a set that includes, at the very least, all accented letters used in Dutch, French and German. This particular set also includes accented letters used in other European languages, such as Swedish, Danish and Finnish. Below you will find an overview of the new characters that will be allowed:

ß à á â ã ó ô þ ü ú ð æ å ï ç è õ ö ÿ ý ò ä � ê ë ì í ø ù î û ñ é

Don't be late! Who will be late, life punishes. Don't miss the best domainnames at 11th June. Pre-Register today. We offer free pre-registration of be-domains with accents.

Our queue is still small. You have better chances here than at the big registrars with a long queue.

The be-domains are interesting, because "be" has a meaning in English. You can register domains like "".

We are not a reseller of be-domains, but an official accredited registrar. We can register and transfer fast and reliable be-domains. The .be-domain cost 85 Euro per year. You can register or transfer a be-domain for 85 EURO/year to us.

If a be-domain is deleted by the owner or the provider of the owner, it is not longer active, but stays restorable. The status of the deleted be-domains is "quarantine". The owner or provider of the owner can restore the be-domains.

If the be-domain is not restored within 40 days, the domain is definetly deleted. ICANN Registrar Secura is able to register be-domains in quarantine in the moment of their final deletion. This is a service for domain owners, who have lost their be-domains by negligence or for interested parties seeking an interesting be-domain.

You can order expired be-domains at our Monitoring Website .

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