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The be-domains are the domains of Belgium.

The be-domains are interesting, because "be" has a meaning in English. You can register domains like "".

We are not a reseller of be-domains, but an official accredited registrar. We can register and transfer fast and reliable be-domains. The .be-domain cost 85 Euro per year. You can register or transfer a be-domain for 10 EURO/year to us.

If a be-domain is deleted by the owner or the provider of the owner, it is not longer active, but stays restorable. The status of the deleted be-domains is "quarantine". The owner or provider of the owner can restore the be-domains.

If the be-domain is not restored within 40 days, the domain is definetly deleted. ICANN Registrar Secura is able to register be-domains in quarantine in the moment of their final deletion. This is a service for domain owners, who have lost their be-domains by negligence or for interested parties seeking an interesting be-domain.

You can order expired be-domains at our Monitoring Website .

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