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Registration of bh-Domains

The bh-Domains are the Domains of Bahrain.

.BH Sunrise: End date allocation (60 days)

The Sunrise phase is a registration period lasting sixty (60) days and in which trademark holders have the opportunity to apply for a .BH domain. In order to be eligible for a Sunrise application, registrants are required to provide a valid trademark that matches the domain name. Please be aware that all Sunrise applications will be verified by TRA and set live at the end of the 60 day Sunrise period. Sunrise and Grandfathering phases (applicable to IDN variant ) will overlap in time. Sunrise dispute resolution process can be found here.

  • Start date: 3rd November 2021 09:00 UTC
  • End date: 2nd January 2022 08:59 UTC

    Application fee: 199 EUR, which will not be refunded if a registration is rejected. The registration fee for each registered standard bh domain is EUR 99 per year. The renewal fee is also EUR 99. There are premium bh-Domains that are more expensive and also have more expensive annual renewal fees.

    IDN Grandfathering: ongoing allocation after verification (6 months)

    All existing legacy .bh and subdomain domain names currently allocated will be offered the opportunity as pre-qualified customers to have their matching names in Arabic language.

    This registration model is known as “grandfathering” and its objective is primarily to provide legacy customers with a priority registration period where they have exclusive access to their matching names in the Arabic IDN version. During the grandfathering phase .bh domain holders may submit an application for their matching IDN. The requested domain will remain in a pending create status until it is verified for eligibility and accuracy of Arabic translation.

    The application window will be open for a period of six (6) months which may coincide with the Sunrise phase or be ongoing as announced by the Bahrain Registry. At the conclusion of the Grandfathering phase any names which have not been claimed shall be released for general availability unless reserved by the TRA in its sole discretion.

  • Start date: 3rd November 2021 09:00 UTC
  • End date: 3rd May 2022 08:59 UTC

    .BH Local Registration Period: First-come, first served (4 months)

    The Local Bahrain Priority General Availability Phase commences after sunrise/grandfathering. It shall have a duration of four (4) months with allocation of qualified names on a first come, first serve basis strictly provided the registrant applicant (whether a business, entity, individual, organization) is located or resides in Bahrain. This is to give priority to Kingdom of Bahrain residents and local businesses and organizations over any international registration. It is the responsibility of the Registrar to verify and ensure that only Bahrain entities, organizations and residents apply for and register names during this period. Documentation may be requested for proof of residency or qualification to participate during this phase but it is not mandatory. Information requested will not be submitted to the Registry unless specifically requested to comply with spot checks or to investigate complaints. The Bahrain Registry reserves the right to reject after registration any domain name which provides false information or does not have a registrant residing in Bahrain or company with an office address in Bahrain.

  • Start date: 2nd January 2022 09:00 UTC
  • End date: 3rd May 2022 08:59 UTC

    General Availability: Real time registration

    Eligibility: top-level .bh and the IDN .albahrain are open to the public for registration

  • Privacy/proxy services are not permitted
  • Start date: 3rd May 2022 09:00 UTC

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