IANN-REGISTRAR: Registration of deleted biz-domains

The biz-domain is a generic top-level domain intended for domains to be used by businesses. "Biz" is a phonetic spelling of the first syllable of "business." The biz-domains were created to relieve some of the demand for the good domain names available in the .com top-level domain. The biz-domains should also provide an alternative to businesses whose preferred com-domain name had already been registered by another party. The registry demands no specific legal or geographic qualifications to register a .biz domain name, except that it should be for "bona fide business or commercial use".The biz-domain was created in 2001 along with several others. The biz-domains are administered by NeuStar.

Although intended to be a restricted domain aimed at businesses, the biz-domain is an unrestricted domain, available to anyone for any use.

ICANN-Registrar Secura is is accepting registration of biz-domains with German special characters.

On October 12, 2004 the registry of biz-domains has introduced IDN.BIZ-domains, or domain names featuring foreign language characters. The German language will be the first non-english language to be introduced at biz-domains. With the introduction of German script IDN names, ICANN and NEULEVEL accredited Registrar Secura will be able to offer customers the ability to register biz-domains containing the IDN characters ä, ö, and ü.

Neulevel has launched further on 1 November 2006. The following languages will be supported:

  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Icelandic
  • Spanish

    Deleted biz-domains
    Many thousand biz-domains are in the process of deletion. Among them are attractive and beautiful names.

    Secura will try to get the names, which the customers orders. Secura is re-registering the domain name in the second, at which it is deleted. The ICANN accredited registrar Secura has great experience in the registration of deleted domains and has been one of the first registrars at this business We are an official registrar of .biz-domains, authorized by ICANN and NeuStar.

    We are authorized by ICANN and NEULEVEL to register biz-domains. We are registering biz-domains fast and reliable. You can use your own name servers and you are able to change your ISP in 24 hours - an additional security.

    We charge 39 US-Dollar for each biz-domain. Your credit card will be charged after successful registration of your ordered domain(s).

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    We recommend the certificate SSL123 from THAWTE because of the high level of encryption and the good price-performance ratio. Please note that there are also free certificates at Let's Encrypt .

    I hereby order SSL123 from THAWTE for the domain ordered above at a price of 59 US-Dollar each /Year. Please enter "yes".


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    I permit the debit entry of the sum according to SEPA. Please send the contract to me, if we have not already one.

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    By clicking at the button, you confirm a registration of a domain (s), which will cost at succesful registration 39 US-Dollars/domain and year and that you have read and accepted Trade Conditions, Registrants Rights and Responsibilities, the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and the policies of the registry.

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