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ICANN-Registrar: Free pre-registration of

We are an ICANN accredited registrar. We guarantee a fast and reliable registration of dom�n names.

The es-domains are the dom�nen of Spain.

If you want to register a name at .es, you need to have a registered settlement in Spain or an international, european or spanish trade mark. Every Company can only register one dom�n name per company's name or trade mark. The dom�n name must reflect the company's name or the trade mark.

The name rules have been changed recently. New official subdom�nen have been introduced. The condition for foreigners are more easy than before. You must only have a relationship to Spain in order to register names at, or

You can pre-register for free these official subdom�nen.

Every es-domains costs 250 US-Dollars per year.

The most latinamerican dom�nen have in common, that you need a local contact. We provide the local contact, who confirms in a letter to you, that all rights at the dom�n belong to you. The provision of the local contacts makes the price of a dom�n more expensive.

First Name:

Last Name:

Company Name:





Zip Code:


State (Province):


The technical informations about your provider or subdom�n are not necessary, if you want just to reserve a dom�n name.

Please choose one of these choices if you want to connect the dom�n name and a document on the web.

10 mb Web space with unlimited traffic and 5 e-mail accounts at a server of Secura for 60 US-Dollars

Secura may choose a free sub dom�n for me :

Connect the dom�n
with my dom�n/sub dom�n :

Use the IP-address
of my host :

I want to host the dom�n at my provider

First Name Server: IP-number:

First Name Server: name:

Second Name Server: IP-number:

Second Name Server: name:

Register and connect for me at the price of 250 US-Dollars (1 year) per dom�n:


Register for these dom�nen at the price of 100 US-$ (2 years):








Register for these dom�nen at the price of 100 US-$ (1 year):


Register for these dom�nen at the price of 250 US-$ (1 year):



Register for these dom�nen at the price of 300 US-$ (1 year):

Register for these dom�nen at the price of 120 US-$ (1 year):





Register for these dom�nen at the price of 450 US-$ (1 year):


You can order also these dom�nen:

from Austria


from Italy like e.g.!




Your space for your free password and additional orders:


I pay cash in a registered letter

I pay US-dollars by check

I bankwire the sum to your account at

Stadtsparkasse K�ln, Konto-Nr.2007982305 (BLZ 370 501 98) S.W.I.F.T.:COLS DE 33

I want to pay in EURO and wire the money to:

Commerzbank Bremen,Konto-Nr. 1101724 00 (BLZ 29040090) S.W.I.F.T: COBA DE FF 290

I pay the registration by

credit card

You can withdraw the costs of the ordered dom�nen from my credit card.

Credit card type:

Name on credit card:

Credit card number

Credit card number

Expiration date:

Credit card issuing bank:

By clicking at the button you accept our trade conditions, Registrants rights and responsibilites,the Uniform Dom�n Name Dispute Resolution Policy of the Internet authority ICANN and the China Internet Dom�n Name Regulations,the CNNIC Dom�n Name Dispute Resolution Policy and the Rules for CNNIC Dom�n Name Dispute Resolution Policy and that the Chinese dom�n rules are governed by the law of China. These documents are the base of the business relationship between you and Secura GmbH concerning dom�n registration.

By contract with ICANN we are enforced only to connect pre-paid dom�nen. Please do pay at once in advance. You will get a bill and a confirmation about your dom�n registrations.

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