Register Domains with Domain Privacy

We offer registration of domains with anonymous whois data. This service is completeley legal and legitim. Our partner is a Whois Privacy Provider, which is acknowledged by ICANN.

What are the advantages of WHOIS Privacy? We list here only some examples:

  • the whois data are anonymous
  • the service provides the necessary data for all contacts
  • spammers and direct marketers cannot misuse your e-mail address
  • identity theft is made more difficult
  • an e-mail address is listed at the Whois and all domain-related inquiries are forwarded to the customer.

    We offer this service for these domain extensions:

  • com-domain
  • net-domain
  • org-domain
  • co-domain
  • me-domain
  • info-domain

    Do you need whois privacy? We present a case, at which domain privacy could be helpful:
    Your company develops new products and wants to register the domains for the new products, but nobody should know, that your company is working a these products. Whois privacy could help your company to hide that your company is the owner of the domains for the new products.

    Whois privacy is a great help for people living in countries with authoritarian governments. The service is not meant to be used for criminal actions. Who will use the service for such purposes, might be disappointed.

    If you should have any questions, then mail to .

    Every standard domain costs 30 EURO or 33 US-Dollar per domain and year, including the WHOIS privacy service.

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