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Why ETH-Domains?

Ethereum Name Service has implemented its concept of replacing 42-character wallet addresses with domain names under .eth as the public identifier. Ethereum registered around 2.8 million ETH-Domains as of January 2023. The advantage of .eth is that owners of this cryptocurrency can replace the 42-digit addresses that are not memorable with a name like ben.eth and use the short address ben.eth for all transactions.

The ETH-Domain really belongs to you. You can register numerous names, which are already sold out at de-Domains and com-Domains. Protect your name, company name and brand from misuse by taking the appropriate precautionary measure: Register the domains with your valuable names.

Your ETH-Domain is your new wallet address

Replace long, hard-to-remember crypto wallet addresses with easy-to-remember ones ETH-Domains such as yourname.eth, yournickname.eth or yourfantasyname.eth (e.g.octopus.eth)

You can use your ETH-Domain not only for Ethereum, but for wallets of all cryptocurrencies.

Your ETH-Domain is your website URL

You can use ETH-Domains on Brave or Opera like any other domain and Web 3.0 pages on these browsers discover.

If you surf the web with Chrome or Firefox, you can download an application to use your ETH-Domain there as well and to surf.

Smart Contracts

Blockchain is the latest technological development taking the tech world by storm and with it comes innovation in the form of some amazing applications such as “smart contracts”. Smart contracts are digital contracts that help you exchange money, property, stocks or other valuables in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman to ensure the transaction is successfully completed. One of the coolest features of smart contracts is that they not only define the rules and penalties for an agreement, but also automatically enforce those obligations. With the ETH-Domain, you now have the ability to create a simple, readable ETH-Domain for your smart contract. This makes sharing easier by providing your partners with an ETH-Domain instead of a 42-digit address, e.g. B. mycontract.ETH instead of 0x466f6de234aeca0e1ae952588a6f908 ...


The Ethereum blockchain is so much more than a cryptocurrency. It is the platform on which new products (e.g. wallets) and services such as smart contracts and DApps (short for “Decentralized Apps”) can run. DApps are applications that are owned by nobody, cannot be shut down, have no downtime and have the built-in distributed ledger consensus mechanism to ensure no middlemen are needed.

If you are a developer or a forward-thinking entrepreneur considering building a DApp, an ETH-Domain is the perfect domain for you.

Web 3.0

We are on the way to Web 3.0. Blockchain is the future. Be there.

There are four ways to use your ETH-Domain for websites:

  • You can point your new blockchain domain to a URL from the traditional internet for free.

  • You can point your new blockchain domain to an existing website with a different blockchain address for free.

  • We can upload a finished website to your account with the new blockchain domain. The hosting of the website is free of charge.

  • You can commission Secura to design a new website in your account with the new blockchain domain. The hosting of this website is also free after the programming and design of the site.

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