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Why should I get a professional appraisal?

It isn't easy to determine the true value of a domain name.  Everyone has heard of domain names selling for millions of dollars.  However, many domain names cannot be sold for $20.  Just look at eBay and Yahoo domain name auctions to see for yourself.  What makes one name valuable and another essentially worthless?  Just looking at the name and guessing will not help.  Just because a name sounds good or looks good doesn't mean it is valuable.  We have extensively studied domain name sales to derive an accurate, fair and dependable model of domain name sales values.

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What do I get when I purchase an appraisal?

When you purchase an appraisal, you get an EXPERT evaluation of the domain name.  Our expert appraisers will consider every aspect of the domain name to derive a value for the domain.  This method is known as the "hedonic" method.  This differs from the typically "ad hoc" methods used by other services.  Our method relies on hard data on domain name sales over the past several months.

Also, every appraisal comes with a customized web page for the domain detailing the ranking criteria and certifying the  value.  Sellers find such pages extremely valuable since they can refer potential buyers to the page to substantiate their asking price.

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How does assess domain names?

Most other services consider only 4 or 5 characteristics of a domain name.   We have our own proprietary statistical model that considers 10 characterizes of a domain name to estimate its value.  While we prefer to keep the specifics of our model a secret, we can tell you that the model considers the following features:
  • length of domain name
  • size of the market related to the domain name
  • probability that the domain name will be properly spelled by  customers
  • potential of the domain name to be associated to site content
  • the extension of the domain name (e.g. .com, .net, .org)
  • breadth of the domain name's applicability
  • and several other factors.

In addition to using the mathematical model, our expert appraisers apply their subjective judgment to every appraisal before arriving at a final value!

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How much does it cost?  How long does it take? charges less than most professional appraisal services.  We charge a flat rate of $19.95 for each appraisal.  We guarantee that we will send your appraisal within 72 hours or your order is free.  

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