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All applicants applying for a .ie domain name who are not situated in the 32 counties of Ireland, must demonstrate a Real and Substantive Connection with Ireland (with the exception of those applying by means of Community Trademark)

Examples of acceptable Documentation demonstrating substantial trade or commercial activity within Ireland are as follows:

Category 1: Personal Name

Requirements: Domain Options: Category 2: Corporate Name

An Incorporated Company can register a domain name to reflect their corporate name. A Company can register multiple different domain names in this category. Only a company can have a corporate name and therefore only a company can register a domain name in this category.

Requirements: Domain Options: Category 3: Registered Trade Mark Name

Any applicant with a Registered Trademark is eligible to apply under this category.

Requirements: Domain Options:

  • The proposed domain name must correspond closely with the TM, but may include plurals, descriptors, or non-descriptive elements such as numbers or letters and may also differ in respect of signs, symbols or punctuation.

    Category 4: Registered Business Name

    A Sole Trader, Company or Unincorporated Association who hold a registered business name can apply for a domain name under this category. (Note: If you trade under a name other than your own name, you must register it as a business with the CRO).

    Requirements: Unless: Domain Options: Category 5: State Agency Name

    A body, person, entity or office established pursuant to Bunreacht na h-Eireann, or an Act of Parliament, Secondary Legislation or established by the Northern Ireland Assembly, any other state body, agency or department, including state hospitals, semi-state bodies, VEC's and local authorities is eligible to apply for a domain name which reflects their name. Applicants may apply for the English and Irish version of their name. A state agency may apply for a domain name to reflect the name of a project, special event, or joint venture where at least one of the parties involved is a state agency.

    Requirements: Category 6: Publication Name

    A Sole Trader, Company, Unincorporated Association, State Agency or Educational Institution that publishes or writes periodicals, magazines, trade journals, Ezines or books is eligible to apply for a domain name in this category.

    Requirements: Category 7: Educational Institution Name

    A primary or secondary level school or other recognised educational institution is entitled to register a domain in this category.

    Requirements: Category 8: Politician's Name

    A natural person who is the President of Ireland, a sitting (already elected) or standing (certificate showing that he/she is an official candidate) politician at National (32 counties) or European level, which can be verified by an election officer or as is the case in Northern Ireland, a returning officer, or a person who is officially contesting any of the above offices or seats in the immediate run up to an election is eligible to apply for a domain name in this category. (Any politician representing the 32 counties - e.g.: MEP, TD, or Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly.)

    Any domain holder with a name in this category who ceases to be a sitting politician, or who fails to be elected, must have their domain name de-activated after due notice.

    Requirements: Domain Options: Category 9: Unincorporated Association Name

    An unincorporated association that is not legally obliged to have a registered business name (club or society) is entitled to register a domain name in this category.

    Requirements: Category 10: Personal Trading Name

    Sole Traders, such as Authors, Designers, Entertainers, Artists, Photographers, journalists etc, trading in Ireland under their Personal Names are eligible to apply for a domain name in this category.

    For clarification purposes this new domain name category is only available to sole traders trading under their own personal trading name.

    Requirements: Domain Options:
    Category 11: Discretionary Name


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