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ICANN-Registrar: Registration of mx-domains

We are an ICANN accredited registrar. We guarantee a fast and reliable registration of mx-domain.

The mx-domains are the domains of Mexico. Some people say, they are also the domains of mx-records.

In the moment you can only register mx-domains at the official subdomains COM.MX, .NET.MX, .ORG.MX, .EDU.MX, or This will change at March 1st 2009. Users will be able to register directly at .mx.

The re-opening of .mx domain names registration, in addition to impulse .MX domains and promote the development of the Internet in Mexico, has the intention to broad the variety of the available services for NIC Mexico�s clients.

The registration directly TLD, offers attractive and relevant attributes for Internet users related with Mexico, such as shorter domain names, the possibility of not been restricted to a certain type of organization, and the direct identification with Mexico on the Internet, among others. It opens the possibility for users to register domain names such as, for example.

The re-opening of the .MX will be released in phases, taking in consideration that it will give priority to the current holders of .MX domains under the current available classifications.

During the Pre-Registration Period only the owners of domains registered at .COM.MX, .NET.MX, .ORG.MX, .EDU.MX, or before March 1 St 2009 will have priority to register directly at .mx. If you register now a domain at e.g., you will belong to those, which can participate at the Pre-Registration Period and register at .mx.

The mx-domains are also interesting, as many see in them a symbol for Mail Exchange Servers, short:mx server.

The price of a mx-domain is 50 US-dollar/year.

The most latinamerican domains have in common, that you need a local contact. We provide the local contact, who confirms in a letter to you, that all rights at the domain belong to you. The provision of the local contacts makes the price of a domain more expensive.