Free Pre-Registration of New Top Level Domains

The ICANN process of implementing new Top Level Domains progresses. Registrations at the new Top Level Domains might beginn at the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2012.

You can pre-register here your name at the most important new top level domains. Pre-registration is free, but mandatory. If we secure the name which you want for you, you must pay the domain fee. Concerning the domain fee, we have set it to 60 EURO / year.

If the cost, for example because of an expensive sunrise period, should be higher, we will contact you. You can then confirm or withdraw your application.

First Name:

Last Name:

Company Name:





Zip Code:


State (Province):


The technical informations about your provider or subdomain are not necessary, if you want just to reserve a domain name.

Please choose one of these choices if you want to connect the domain name and a document on the web.

10 mb Web space with unlimited traffic and 5 e-mail accounts at a server of Secura for 60 US-Dollars

Secura may choose a free sub domain for me :

Connect the domain
with my domain/sub domain :

Use the IP-address
of my host :

I want to host the domain at my provider

First Name Server: IP-number:

First Name Server: name:

Second Name Server: IP-number:

Second Name Server: name:

Name of the Trade Mark/Service Trade Mark

Date of Application

Date of Registration

Number of Registration

Country of Registration

International Trademark/WIPO

European Trademark/OHIM

Register for me each domain at the price of 60 EURO/year:








.nyc (New York)



























.eco (Ökologie)



.mail (Domain für e-mail Networks)




.kids (Kinder)





.geo (allgemeine geographische Orte)

.lat (Lateinamerika)



.bzh (Bretagne)

.eng (England)

.ker (Cornwall and Kernow )

.cymru (Wales)

.cwl (Wales)


.scot (Schottland)

.eus (Baskenland)

.gal (Galicien)

.bcn (Barcelona)

.lli (Leonische Sprache)



.sic(Székely Gebiet)

.nai (indianische Gemeinschaft)


You can order also these domains:

from Austria


from Italy like e.g.!




Your space for your free password and additional orders:


I pay by Paypal to

I pay US-dollars by check

I bankwire the sum to your account at

Stadtsparkasse Köln, Konto-Nr.2007982305 (BLZ 370 501 98) S.W.I.F.T.:COLS DE 33

I want to pay in EURO and wire the money to:

Commerzbank Bremen,Konto-Nr. 1101724 00 (BLZ 29040090) S.W.I.F.T: COBA DE FF 290

I pay the registration by

credit card

You can withdraw the costs of the ordered domains from my credit card.

Credit card type:

Name on credit card:

Credit card number

Credit card number

Expiration date:

Credit card issuing bank:

By clicking at the button you accept our trade conditions, Registrants rights and responsibilites,the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy of the Internet authority ICANN and that these documents are the base of the business relationship between you and Secura GmbH concerning domain registration.

By contract with ICANN we are enforced only to connect pre-paid domains. Please do pay at once in advance. You will get a bill and a confirmation about your domain registrations.

  • .us-domains
  • .info-domains
  • .name-domains
  • .eu-domains
  • .pro-domains
  • .coop-domains
  • .museum-domains
  • .biz-domains

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