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ICANN-Registrar: Registration of sr-domains

We are an ICANN accredited registrar. We guarantee a fast and reliable registration of sr-domains.

The sr-domains are in the origin the domains of Surinam.

The sr-domains are seen by many as the Internet domain name for "Seniors" and products for seniors.

Corporations are embracing this new opportunity to create web sites that end in .sr to market their products and services directly to seniors worldwide. Seniors can now easily identify which companies offer senior focused products and services. Seniors will no longer have to search through various .com websites to determine if a particular company offers services that are specific to their needs.

Since announcing the availability of the sr-domains, hundreds of corporations have protected their intellectual properties by registering their trademarks and brands at the sr-domain.

Every sr-domain costs 150 US-Dollars per year.

The most latinamerican domains have in common, that you need a local contact. We provide the local contact, who confirms in a letter to you, that all rights at the domain belong to you. The provision of the local contacts makes the price of a domain more expensive.