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ICANN-Registrar Secura: Free pre-registration of tel-domains with two characters

ICANN Registrar Secura is offering pre-pregistration of two-character tel-domains and numeric tel-domain. These tel-domains will be launched at 1st June 2011.

Who is it for:

  • Companies with 2-letter or all-numeric brands or trademarks.
  • Vanity number operators or those wanting to get keyboard-numeric versions of their names.
  • Individuals who want to be known by their initials or with a penchant for lucky numbers.
  • Businesses using shortcodes for marketing and support services.

    How it works:

  • What: two-character ( or and numeric-only domains between 2 and 7 digits with or without hyphens
  • How: First-come first-served basis
  • When: From 3 p.m. BST on June 1st for Landrush; from 3 p.m. BST on June 14th for general availability

    The following domains will not be available for registration in this program:

  • One-letter (from through to and one-digit domains (from through to
  • Two-character country code top level domains (ccTLDs, such as
  • Combinations of digits and/or digit and hyphen strings that contain eight or more characters (for example, or 123-5678.tell).

    The price for the registration of tel-domains with two characters or numeric tel-domains is 200 EURO/domain.

    We are accepting registrations of tel-domains with special characters. You can pre-register for free your tel-domains at once.

    If you want to use native script brand names, you will be able to register your own .tel name in your own language from Tuesday, 15th June 2010. Initially, Telnic will make available IDNs in Chinese, Danish, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

    Further languages will be added in future based on community feedback and availability of language tables.

    Our price for tel-domains with special characters is 50 US-Dollars/year.

    Over 60% of Internet users do not use English as a first language. With an international domain name (IDN), you can be found across and reached by local markets, customers and partners more effectively. With an, you can quickly promote your products and services in languages native to each country where you do business today, or wherever you hope to expand tomorrow, all without any further hidden costs for development involved.

    Boost your SEO
    Now your business can be found online all over the world! Active .tel domains have shown very strong search engine optimization (SEO) results, IDN names can deliver an even greater edge in local searches. Increase the relevance of your products and services by using .tel domains in the local script and utilize the multi-lingual keywords and labels for further search localization.

    No more websites
    You don�t need to develop a new website for each and every target market or language: simply register a .tel name in the language you need and setup your .tel profile within minutes. The key information in page will be available in 15 different languages worldwide automatically, based on the language of the visitors� browsers, whilst you can also add specific language information yourself.

    Protect your brand
    Improve the global recognition of your brands by registering a .tel domain in multiple scripts. A .tel IDN will help you protect and extend your online brand identity, strengthen brand recognition, increase awareness of all your Web properties, and increase audience interaction.

    Registrations are available in 16 languages (list of languages). You don�t need to develop a new website for each and every target market or language: simply register a .tel name in the language you need and setup your .tel profile within minutes. The key information in page will be available in 15 different languages worldwide automatically, based on the language of the visitors� browsers, whilst you can also add specific language information yourself.

    The tel-domains are much more than just another top level domain. The tel-domains provide a global, name-based navigation system for delivering contact information and accessing services. The owners of tel-domains are able to initiate communication with the visitors by the tel-domain without making first a website. The tel-domains use the structure of the internet in a unique way that allows to store contact information and related keywords directly into the DNS. The tel-domains become the first Internet communications-based Top Level Domain.

    The tel-Domains serve as a single point of contact for a company or individual�s name or brand, containing various types of contact information. The tel-domain enables to store, update and publish all contact information, web links and keywords directly on the internet under your own unique domain name. Simple, fast and accessible worldwide from any web-enabled device, tel-domains provide a new internet standard to take full control over how and where people reach you. The tel-domain delivers:

  • integration of any and all means of communication (i.e. Phone numbers, IM, VOIP, email, social media)
  • real-time publishing of your contact information on the internet
  • full ownership of your published data
  • protection of your private data, only viewable by people you authorize
  • simple structured navigation to easily reach the most relevant information
  • high speed global access optimized for mobile devices
  • multi-language, search engine-friendly structured information and keywords

    The tel-domains enable immediate click-to-communicate capabilities. The visitor to a .tel domain can choose to use all types of communications including VoIP, email, SMS, Skype or AIM, simply by clicking the active contact information links on the .tel domain. This makes the .tel highly dynamic as opposed to static information published on web pages.

    Privacy is of crucial importance and is therefore built into the tel-domains. Internet users do not want to put their private information online unless they can protect it and share the information with only those allowed to access it. Individuals can set access so only their immediate family and best friends can see their most private information and businesses can protect the support contact details for their premier customers.

    One video clip explains tel-domains more and better than 1000 words. The videos below explain the .tel in a concise and compelling way. You can see the video clips at Youtube and
    Tel-Domains and Google
    Tel-Domains: Phone calls by Mouseclick
    Allgemeine Registrierung von tel-domains beginnt am 3. Februar

    first name







    Postal Code



    If you are a private person, you can opt that only your name is seen in the whois. Please write in this case "whois opt-out" in the field

    You can omit this paragraph, if you want only to "park" your domain.

    You have four choices for the connection of your domain:

    10 mb webspace with unlimited traffic on our server for 60 US-Dollars per year

    Choose free webspace without banner and pop-up window for tel :

    Redirect the domain to my subdomain/domain :

    I stay at my provider.

    Primary name Server: IP-Number:

    Primary name Server: name:

    Secondary name Server: IP-Number:

    Secondary name Server: name:

    Register tel-domain(s) for 50 US-Dollars/per domain and year:


    You can order also these domains :

    for professionals


    IT-domains like






    Space for additional orders:


    You can withdraw the costs of the ordered domains from my credit card.

    Credit card organisation:

    Credit card number

    Expiration date:

    Credit card issuing bank:

    By clicking the button you agree to trade conditions, Registrants rights and responsibilites, all policies of Telnic like and the Uniform Domain name Dispute Resolution Policy of ICANN as basis of the relationship between Secura GmbH and you.

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