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We make a time limited special offers to you from 1st October 2019 to 30 November 2019:

  • If you may transfer your existing short uk-Domain to us and renew it for one year, you pay 2 Pounds or 2,25 EUR. If you have not a VAT ID or if your are from Germany, we must add VAT to this sum. - the number 1 domain for British Business

    The No. 1 domain for British Business

    Prosperous, trusted and populated with brilliant businesses, you're in good company with - For your cause

    For your cause

    It's all in the name: with a address, you'll instantly distinguish your site as non commercial, and champion your cause or community. - A place for you

    A place for you

    Your idea, your story, your adventure. Whatever you want to make of it is the place for you.

    .uk -the shorter,the sharper domain

    The shorter, sharper domain.

    Promoting a unique online presence that is all about you, a domain for creating personal stories and sharing adventures


    Other domains

    The domain for schools*

    The domain for private limited companies*

    The domain for public limited companies*

    The domain for Internet Service Providers only

  • You could register in former times uk-domains only at the third level. Example: Nominet has introduced registrations at the second level at June 2014. Example:

    Nominet believes that a new second level domains policy is necessary to keep the namespace competitive alongside the introduction of over 1,000 new top level domains from 2014.

    Nominet says:"Combining a shorter suffix with the trust of the �.uk� brand would offer a wider choice for existing .uk registrants and the millions of consumers and businesses who do not yet have their own online space."

    The second level domain at .uk will be shorter -and therefore more memorable. This is a great advantage for marketing of the .uk website and the content at this uk-domain.

    The are thought for your personal use. If you have a Ltd or a PLC, you can order a or The are for academic institutions. Please do fax documents for your academic institution or registration documents of your LTD or PLC to +49 221 9252272.

    The registration or transfer of an uk-domain at us costs 50 Dollars/year. The renewal costs also 50 US-Dollars/year.

    We are a NOMINET-Member and ICANN-Registrar.You can order at us uk-domains, which you are getting by our domain experts very quick and reliable.

    Our offer of domain registration with Anycast Name Server makes a revolution in domain hosting. What the firewall is for your host server, is the Anycast Name Server for your DNS System.

    Many companies and providers have been victims of Distributed Denial of Services-attacks against Name Servers during the last year. The performance of the websites has been interrupted. We have a tool to avoid such problems: Anycast Name Server.

    A stable, performant and 100% available DNS network is one of the key elements for the Internet. Anycast clouds allows best availability of your nameservers. Secura GmbH offers solutions for resellers, registrars, enterprises and end user.

    Anycast technology allows having the same IP address reachable on multiple geographic locations around the globe. Routing protocols on the Internet ensure that a request reaches the topological closest instance of the anycast cloud. Latency is minimized by that and, what�s more, traffic is distributed on the various locations (nodes).

    In particular in the case of an attack on the nameserver network, only the closest node is affected and the others operate unaffected. Furthermore, since the whole anycast DNS network only utilizes one IP address, DNS packets stay smaller compared to multiple unicast instances (just a single NS record is contained in the delegation).

    Our network currently consists of 37 globally distributed nodes in the following locations for example:

  • Seattle, USA
  • New York, USA
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • with two controlling servers in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. The number of locations is continuously being expanded and by 2013 will reach 12 topologically significant locations.

    The number of locations is not the only criterion for a high-performance network; the technical architecture and hardware play an even more important role. This is where we commit ourselves to the highest available standards and quality. Each RcodeZero Anycast location is served by two different upstream connections, handled by two physically separate routers. All servers are clustered with redundant disk storage and power supply systems. The capacity of each location mounts up to 500,000 DNS queries per second which adds up to 3 million queries per second for the whole anycast network. This capacity allows hosting of over 50 million customer zones in an extremely robust and latest state-of-the-art environment. Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ with kind regards,

    We can implement the Anycast-Nameserver using our Primary or yours. The use of the Anycast-Nameserver is very easy for customers.

    We offer Anycast-Nameservers for a fix price of 360 EUR per year. If you are interested, please send e-mail to

    We are eager to offer a high standard of customer service and a technical achievement according to the state or art. We are obliged to the "Good Practice Terms" of Nominet.

    If you should be not content with any of our services, you should write an e-mail to We prefer to listen to your honest opinon. Concerning to the generic domains we stress that we are not one of hundred thousands providers and resellers in the world, but one of the ICANN accredited registrars and that you have the advantage if you do business with an ICANN accredited registrar, that you can always complain to ICANN, if you have the impression that the registrar is not reacting to your legitimate sorrows.

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    The technical informations about your provider or subdomain are not necessary, if you want just to reserve a domain name.

    Please choose one of these choices if you want to connect the domain name and a document on the web.

    10 GB Webspace with unlimited traffic and max. 150 e-mail accounts at server of Secura for 75 EURO per year

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    By clicking at the button you confirm to pay 50 US-Dollars for every ordered Domain/year and accept our trade conditions and the Nominet's Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration. These documents are the base of the business relationship between you and Secura GmbH concerning domain registration.

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