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As of December 6, 2011, the rules for registering French domains will change. The owner of a domain must not be based anymore in France. All European companies and organizations can register French domains. This change affects not only fr-domains, but all domains, which AFNIC manages:

  • #. Re (Reunion)
  • #. Wf (Wallis and Futuna)
  • # Yt. (Mayotte)
  • #. Pm (Saint Pierre et Miquelon)
  • #. Tf (Terre et Australes Antarctique)

    Prospects for fr-domains outside of Europe can also register at us fr-domains. For such clients, we do still offer our trustee service. The fr-domains with trustee cost 250 EURO/year much more than fr-domains for Europeans. Domain names at the official subdomains, and at also at and will from December 6 no longer be registered. The owner of such domain names can prolong their domains.

    What opportunities are opening up for you? You can now pre-register at AFNIC registrar Secura fr-domains,which you could not register before. You can also register at AFNIC registrar Secura re-domains domains-wf, yt-domains, pm-domains and tf-domains. You can still before December register a domain at and Secura GmbH will act as a trustee. After the December 6 this will no longer be possible.

    Fr-Domains are important to rank well at French search engines. Many French search engines accept only fr-domains. Google has for every great country a special national version. You can rank well at Google and national French search engines by using "key words" and the french domains at .fr ( or and till 6th December).

    The price of 99 EURO per French Domain and year include the use of Anycast Name Server.

    Many companies and providers have been victims of Distributed Denial of Services-attacks against Name Servers during the last year. The performance of the websites has been interrupted. We have a tool to avoid such problems: Anycast Name Server.

    A stable, performant and 100% available DNS network is one of the key elements for the Internet. Anycast clouds allows best availability of your nameservers. Secura GmbH offers solutions for resellers, registrars, enterprises and end user.

    Anycast-DNS � ultimate availability for your zone Anycast technology allows having the same IP address reachable on multiple geographic locations around the globe. Routing protocols on the Internet ensure that a request reaches the topological closest instance of the anycast cloud. Latency is minimized by that and, what�s more, traffic is distributed on the various locations (nodes).

    In particular in the case of an attack on the nameserver network, only the closest node is affected and the others operate unaffected. Furthermore, since the whole anycast DNS network only utilizes one IP address, DNS packets stay smaller compared to multiple unicast instances (just a single NS record is contained in the delegation).

    Our network currently consists of six active (and three planned) globally distributed nodes in the following locations:

  • Seattle, USA
  • New York, USA
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Vienna, Austria (planned end of 2011)
  • Los Angeles, USA (planned end of 2011)
  • Singapore, Singapore (planned end of 2011)
  • with two �command and control� servers in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. The number of locations is continuously being expanded and by 2013 will reach 12 topologically significant locations.

    The number of locations is not the only criterion for a high-performance network; the technical architecture and hardware play an even more important role. This is where we commit ourselves to the highest available standards and quality. Each RcodeZero Anycast location is served by two different upstream connections, handled by two physically separate routers. All servers are clustered with redundant disk storage and power supply systems. The capacity of each location mounts up to 500,000 DNS queries per second which adds up to 3 million queries per second for the whole anycast network. This capacity allows hosting of over 50 million customer zones in an extremely robust and latest state-of-the-art environment. Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ with kind regards,

    We can implement the Anycast-Nameserver using our Primary or yours. The use of the Anycast-Nameserver is very easy for customers.

    Billing address

    First Name







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    You can omit this paragraph, if you want only to "park" your domain.

    You have four choices for the connection of your domain:

    10 mb webspace with unlimited traffic and e-mail accounts on our server for 60 US-Dollars per year.

    Choose free webspace without banner and pop-up window for me :

    Redirect the domain to my subdomain/domain :


    Primary Name Server: IP-Number:

    Primary Name Server: Name:

    Secondary Name Server: IP-Number:

    Secondary Name Server: Name:

  • Register this domain for me at the price of
    99 EURO/year each:







    You can order also these domains :

    from Austria


    domains for Italy like!


    country domains

    country domains

    Space for additional orders:


    You can withdraw the costs of the ordered domains from my credit card.

    Credit card organisation:

    Credit card number

    Expiration date:

    Credit card issuing bank:

    By clicking the button you agree to trade conditions, Registrants rights and responsibilites, Biz Dispute Resolution Policy and the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy of ICANN as basis of the relationship between Secura GmbH and you.

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